At the heart of Codeplay's compute technology, enabling delivery of OpenCL™, SPIR™, HSA™ and Vulkan®.

The Perfect Tool for Delivering OpenCL™ Acceleration

ComputeAorta is designed to enable processor vendors to deliver OpenCL support for their hardware designs.

  • What Is ComputeAorta™?

    ComputeAorta is Codeplay’s multi-target, multi-platform toolkit for rapidly enabling delivery of the OpenCL, SPIR and Vulkan compute standards.

    Currently supporting Linux®, Windows® and Android™ operating systems across x86, ARM®, and MIPS® targets, ComputeAorta can also be easily customised to your hardware.

  • ComputeAorta Graph

Wide Support for Open Standards

ComputeAorta is designed to work with many current and next-gen open standards.

What Does ComputeAorta Offer?

ComputeAorta is designed to deliver performance and enable support for modern compute standards.

A modular toolkit for implementing multiple compute technologies rolled into one. Targeting support for multiple architectures across multiple platforms, ComputeAorta can enable provision of many low-level state-of-the-art compute standards in one product.

  • Designed to be a easy-to-use modular toolkit

    Supports multiple architectures (X86, ARM, MIPS and more)

    Built on top of LLVM, and easily customized to new architectures

  • Enables support for state-of-the-art open technologies (Vulkan, SPIR and OpenCL)

    Supports multiple platforms (Android, Linux and Windows™)

    Provides an extremely portable end product that targets a huge range of hardware

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    Developer Program

    We can license ComputeAorta today for your architecture, either as source code for you to customize yourselves, or combined with customization and support from expert Codeplay engineers.

    We will work with you as a partner to enable excellent support of open standard development technologies for your platform. Contact us to get a proposal and quote for a custom solution for your system.